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The following resources are highly recommended as tools for helping you find and follow your own unique spiritual path:

  1. The Magical Golden Dawn (MGD) teaches the same three lessons of Awareness, Paying Attention and Awakening to our true reality in the 1 = 10 and 2 = 9 degrees of that order. The Chapter degrees are equivalent to the MGD 3 = 9 and the Council degrees to the 4 = 7. Many Spiritual Alchemists join the Magical Order to obtain a magical or ritualistic viewpoint and more information about this Great Work.
    Invitation to join the Magical Golden Dawn

  2. The Esoteric Freemasons teach the lessons of Awareness, Paying Attention and Awakening to our true reality in their first three degrees. These degrees are helpful for members of the Octagon Society and Temple of Solomon. Many who join the Octagon Society discover more information about this Great Work in Masonry.
    Invitation to join Esoteric Freemasonry

  3. The Path of the Healing Dragon parallels the teaching of Esoteric Freemasonry, Magical Golden Dawn and the Alchemical Fellowship. It offers a seven-step path for healing ourselves using the Divine healing energy known as Dragon Power. Many Octagon Society members find this path helpful in doing the work of a spiritual alchemist.
    Invitation to follow the Path of the Healing Dragon

  4. The Modern Essenes teach ancient healing techniques that we call energy medicine today. These ancient techniques are spiritual healing tools anybody can use to heal themselves on any level of their being. Many Spiritual Alchemists find this work helpful as they advance in Alchemy and become more spiritual.
    Invitation to learn the ancient healing techniques of the Modern Essenes

  5. The Gnostic Lessons are a set of mystical teachings designed to make us more aware of our true spiritual nature. Many Spiritual Alchemists find these lessons helpful as they continue their spiritual work. The Guardians recommend them as a tool for establishing yourself on your own unique spiritual path.
    Invitation to learn the Gnostic Lessons


Universal Gnostic Church
Gnostic Lessons - learn to commune with the Divine
Gnostic Peace Fellowship - help bring peace to the world
Gnostic Yoga Fellowship - learn the Kriya Power Meditation and lessons
Sophia Gnostic Fellowship - honoring the feminine
The Order of Mary - home of Intentional Prayer
Universal Seminary - provides a formal education for those studying for the priesthood, or for self-improvement

***Golden Dawn and the Kaballah***

Magical Order of the Golden Dawn - Learn how to work with your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides
TheAlchemy Fellowship - teaches spiritual uses of the tarot cards

***Health and Healing***

Dragon Healing Techniques - Powerful healing form of Reiki
Gnostic Contemplative Prayer - Helps commune with the Divine
Intentional Prayer - Very effective for changing one's life
Kriya Power Meditation - Attain enlightenment and self-realization
Modern Essenes - learn ancient healing techniques to help yourself and others
Reiki - Learn Reiki healing skills economically at home
Spiritual Health Coach License Board -licenses Spiritual Health Coaches to help others heal themselves
Alliance of Christian Healers License Board-licenses Christian Spiritual Healers to help others heal themselves
Spiritual Healer License Board-licenses Pagan Spiritual Healers to help others heal themselves
Reiki License Commission -licenses Reiki Spiritual Healers to help others heal themselves
You Heal Yourself - a resource for healing yourself on every level of your being and helping others do the same


Esoteric Freemasons - Revealing the secrets of the ages as archived by the Knights Templar

***Mother Earth***

Ancient Order of Druids in America - healing the planet and ourselves
Gnostic Druid Fellowship - support Mother Nature and her forests

***Christian Gnostic***

Chivalric Martinist Order - a free and independent expression of Templar Spirituality and Martinism updated for the 21st Century.
Christian Gnostic Fellowship - Home to Gnostic contemplative prayer
Christian Tarot -The roots of Tarot are in Christianity
Gnostic Society of Initiates - a Martinist society (Martinism)

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